francis & henry - maternity & nursing wear

Here are a few things I continuously wished for during my pregnancy; kebab pizza, ice, liver pâté & pickles, books for our babe and pretty maternity wear. Talking about the latter, meaning maternity wear, I really wished for a Francis & Henry's mama bundle. Little did I know, the only person who knew I actually wished for this made sure that was what I got on my surprise baby shower. Thanks everyone who was a part of it!

It's a package of four things. Now, if you're wondering how the Francis & Henry Nursing Dress has been working for me, it's been good. Way better than a hospital gown, incredibly pretty in real life, very comfortable and super functional for nursing.
The Jersey Cardigan is perfect to put on if it's a little cool, and the Muslin Wrap that also comes with the mama bundle is such a beautiful and soft thing to put in the baby's bed (we have ours in Josef's baby nest!).

Now if these beautiful pieces of clothing only could wash themselves from milk stains... ;)

project spanish is on #raisingmultilingualbebé

I've talked a lot about learning new languages on the blog, about my own endeavours with a mother tongue that my father never passed on and also about raising multilingual kids. 

My Spanish is somewhat good, and better than it has been, but I still have a long way to go being fluent. Now having a baby on the way, one whom I wish to be taught the language that I love the most, I realized I have to speed up my learning. I've got a little less than 5 months before the baby arrives, and then there'll be a period of time when it doesn't matter that much that I'm still not fluent.  

I wrote about raising a multilingual bebé on the blog in 2015 and I also talked a little about learning your language at the Free Woman the same year. It feels so good to re-read my own post about raising a bilingual kid this time around when it's more tangible since I'm actually having a baby on the way!

I'm already watching a lot of tv-shows in Spanish which is a huge game changer, I've just recently picked up practicing with Duolingo but now I'm also thinking about practicing some more with the Telenovela Method which to me was really helpful when I tried it a couple of years ago. 

So, project Spanish is on. Upping my game now so I will feel way more calm and prepared for raising our little babe with a third language when she/he decides to arrive <3