sweater weather

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and my whole being is feeling it! Autumn is such a bittersweet process. The switch is so beautiful; fresher air, the rain, the autumn colored roads & trees, the rich scents from stews and slow cooks, the sweaters, the books, the tea...

But the melancholia of this season comes with some sadness too; an end of things I love. And I tend to start missing things even before they're gone.  
The increasing lack of daylight is making me tired, the temperature will soon drop below what's comfortable, the porch hangs are getting less and less frequent and before I know it all I can think of is to escape the cold and the dark and travel home to Puerto Rico.

Pretty bittersweet, isn't it?

I woke up with a cold this morning that "finally" broke through. A sore throat, endless coughing and sinuses acting up. This is where I thank God for finally going on vacation and also being able to work a couple of days from home. 

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in the nursery/my little office space so for the first time in months I finally feel like I have found my place. Being a total homebody, it's always been so important to me to have a "space" just for me, wherever I happen to live. Where everything in is positioned with enough thought & care to give me peace of mind, rest and tranquility.
Enamored, I've been sitting here pretty much the whole day working and doing some prepping for my days off, except for when Sami and I left to find us some dinner at the street market. I've also been drinking at least 7 cups of tea, had four different kinds of tasty sandwiches and been playing and updating my Sweater Weather playlist. It's been one of my favorites for more than four years now.

project spanish is on #raisingmultilingualbebé

I've talked a lot about learning new languages on the blog, about my own endeavours with a mother tongue that my father never passed on and also about raising multilingual kids. 

My Spanish is somewhat good, and better than it has been, but I still have a long way to go being fluent. Now having a baby on the way, one whom I wish to be taught the language that I love the most, I realized I have to speed up my learning. I've got a little less than 5 months before the baby arrives, and then there'll be a period of time when it doesn't matter that much that I'm still not fluent.  

I wrote about raising a multilingual bebé on the blog in 2015 and I also talked a little about learning your language at the Free Woman the same year. It feels so good to re-read my own post about raising a bilingual kid this time around when it's more tangible since I'm actually having a baby on the way!

I'm already watching a lot of tv-shows in Spanish which is a huge game changer, I've just recently picked up practicing with Duolingo but now I'm also thinking about practicing some more with the Telenovela Method which to me was really helpful when I tried it a couple of years ago. 

So, project Spanish is on. Upping my game now so I will feel way more calm and prepared for raising our little babe with a third language when she/he decides to arrive <3

walking with God, closing up 2016

Woke up earlier this morning feeling all kinds of blessed. Except perhaps me having with a nasty cold for the second week in a row now haha. I can't complain though because my boyfriend made this sick period incredibly bearable. I totally knew how to live a good life being single but seriously, I wouldn't trade living life with my guy for anything in this world. Life with him on my side is just a million times better.

Let me start by saying that 2016 was one of the greatest in terms of my personal faith becoming the strongest it's ever been. It was by far my weirdest year ever. Without going into details, the happenings of 2016 made me come to terms with who God is for me. 

Throughout my personal story, "Are you even there, God?" has been a frequently repeated question. Of course, I've never had to work very hard to find God in the good times, but I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it's not equally easy when you're on the brink of death, if you're really ill, if you experience trauma, lose someone you love or find yourself in any other situation where you feel like your spirit is left broken and your heart likewise. 

2016 was my questions changing from "God, why are you doing this to me?" to "Where are you? I can't see you. I'm breaking and I need you."
There is a huge and vital difference between these two questions, one implying that God is having his hand in darkness, the other being me not seeing him in the darkness I am finding myself going through. This has been such an important change of mindset to me. I am still left with the question why bad things are allowed to happen, but to think that there is a God who loves me more than any human can ever do, is empowering beyond measure.

Because He is not the one putting me through horrible things to teach me lessons or beat me up for my wrongdoings. He is the one helping me through them so that I can heal and make something useful out of the pain. He's not the representative of evil. He is the one representing all that is good.

Isn't it just really amazing that although we wander through this fallen world lost and sometimes on the wrong path, God is always wooing us back to Him. Through a new realization. Through a new encounter. Through things that make our heart flutter; coffee with a friend in the afternoon; baby cuddles; a helping hand or a new opportunity. It is the ultimate love story. Jesus loved us so much that He gave his own life for us, knowing what we've done and knowing what we will do. That is the love He has for us, and that is the example of loving being set for us.

It is the ultimate love story.

2016, I don't want you back but you closed up really well. However, I just want it to be said that you've got nothing on 2017 because it's already my favorite year ever. Tomorrow it's Valentine's Day and I can't believe I'm actually going to spend it with the man I intend to share the rest of my life with. 

I still have to pinch myself. 

God, you sure work in mysterious ways. 

little insights no.1

Lately I've been so focused on Bien Melaza, or more specifically the "We Buildin' Or Nah?" member hangout, that I haven't really made time for writing meaning I'm basically about to explode. So this is me helping myself not to die, also giving you little insights on what's going on behind the scenes...

1. Office vibes. Currently working on Bien Melaza’s education platform & member lounge which will be launched by the end of this month.  Working with the Resource Library (which you will be able to access as a member) have left me reading loads of stuff and not having much time to write anything. I keep on finding myself writing short notes and thoughts everywhere throughout the days. Pretty stoked about writing about some of the stuff I've been thinking about lately.

2. One of my best friends recently turned 26 and I had such a lovely time. It's really amazing how grateful one can be about another person's existence.
And when you leave the party (that's not even yours) feeling so loved and thankful you start crying (all happy tears), you know you hang out with some pretty legit people. 

3. Having dealt with some really scary stuff this summer reminded me of the importance of having friends who have my back and how lucky I am to have that support. This year has included a lot of hurt, but I can with 100% sincerity say that I've never felt as loved and appreciated for being me in my life as now.

4. It's autumn and I am not even close to being ready for it. Today it was like 11 degrees outside and I'm already suffering meaning winter will equal hell, but the cold version of it.

Last year I escaped to Puerto Rico. I am seriously considering doing it again.

5. I've been wondering why people are being weird and post their photos rotated like this. Like, I'm still wondering but I really felt like I wanted to do it since people do it so I did it. Don't try to make sense of it because it'll only leave you with a headache but I guess I'm an irregular trend follower like that, haha.

This was really from one of my favorite moments last week. My mother, sister and family friend were just chilling and enjoying life at Wayne's Coffee. I was reading a book on psychology behind awful & hurtful relationships that my friend lent me (she knew I needed this one and was kind enough to trust me with her baby, or as she calls it; her Bible) which turned out being a real eye opener. Perhaps, a blog post on that one up next...

6. "What if we stopped celebrating being busy as a measurement of importance? What if instead we celebrated how much time we had spent listening, pondering, meditating and enjoying time with the most important people in our lives?" - Greg McKeown 

I'm over here like word up! Hustle hard and nap just as hard. Breaks and time off for the damn win.


exploring the island - islote, puerto rico

So, me and one of my mains decided to go to Arecibo - the geographically largest city on the island. The municipio is about 50 miles (80km) driving distance from San Juan and is one of those places that basically equals heaven on earth (even that being an understatement). 

We were so lucky to have a local friend of ours giving us a tour, showing us some of the most breathtaking places in Islote which is one of the  "barrios" in Arecibo. Although we didn’t have many hours to explore the place this time around, it was enough time for me to fall in love with the place. Perhaps, now, you will fall in love too.   

Before heading to the beach and the caves, our friend so kindly took us to one of the places he works at, which pretty much equalled us sipping fresh coconut water and scooping out deliciousness from newly harvested coconuts. 

En camino a las cuevas... // On our way to the caves...

At, on top of and inside Cueva del Indio. Listening to the amazing stories our friend had to tell us about the archeological site, not only the history regarding los taínos - this being a place in which you can find drawings from the taíno indians who lived in the area Prehistoric Era  - but also about the importance this place also had to himself as a kid - this, according to me, being the most badass playground a child can have.

Still wondering why Puerto Ricans are so damn proud of their country? ;)

Qué belleza, verdad?