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happy weekend

We’re down to 5 1/2 hours of daylight and I’m doing my best to adjust to the sun setting at 14.00 already. I’m finding little things that make adapting to this dark and cold season a little easier and today that means celebrating December 1st with a saffron cake and some extra baby cuddles. I’m so excited to finally go all in for Christmas.

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happy weekend

I just had the realization that if I allow myself to begin my Christmas celebrations before Thanksgiving, I’ll have a whole three months of Christmas (ask any Puerto Rican and they’ll agree with me that December AND January are Christmas months). This gives me an extra month of watching Christmas movies and eating everything saffron which is just what I need in my life!

This weekend I’m making saffron latte, beating a bad cold, looking into some fun autumn DIY and celebrating our two year anniversary. A really good weekend despite the cold if you ask me!

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sweater weather

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and my whole being is feeling it! Autumn is such a bittersweet process. The switch is so beautiful; fresher air, the rain, the autumn colored roads & trees, the rich scents from stews and slow cooks, the sweaters, the books, the tea...

But the melancholia of this season comes with some sadness too; an end of things I love. And I tend to start missing things even before they're gone.  
The increasing lack of daylight is making me tired, the temperature will soon drop below what's comfortable, the porch hangs are getting less and less frequent and before I know it all I can think of is to escape the cold and the dark and travel home to Puerto Rico.

Pretty bittersweet, isn't it?

I woke up with a cold this morning that "finally" broke through. A sore throat, endless coughing and sinuses acting up. This is where I thank God for finally going on vacation and also being able to work a couple of days from home. 

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in the nursery/my little office space so for the first time in months I finally feel like I have found my place. Being a total homebody, it's always been so important to me to have a "space" just for me, wherever I happen to live. Where everything in is positioned with enough thought & care to give me peace of mind, rest and tranquility.
Enamored, I've been sitting here pretty much the whole day working and doing some prepping for my days off, except for when Sami and I left to find us some dinner at the street market. I've also been drinking at least 7 cups of tea, had four different kinds of tasty sandwiches and been playing and updating my Sweater Weather playlist. It's been one of my favorites for more than four years now.

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exploring the island - islote, puerto rico

So, me and one of my mains decided to go to Arecibo - the geographically largest city on the island. The municipio is about 50 miles (80km) driving distance from San Juan and is one of those places that basically equals heaven on earth (even that being an understatement). 

We were so lucky to have a local friend of ours giving us a tour, showing us some of the most breathtaking places in Islote which is one of the  "barrios" in Arecibo. Although we didn’t have many hours to explore the place this time around, it was enough time for me to fall in love with the place. Perhaps, now, you will fall in love too.   

Before heading to the beach and the caves, our friend so kindly took us to one of the places he works at, which pretty much equalled us sipping fresh coconut water and scooping out deliciousness from newly harvested coconuts. 

En camino a las cuevas... // On our way to the caves...

At, on top of and inside Cueva del Indio. Listening to the amazing stories our friend had to tell us about the archeological site, not only the history regarding los taínos - this being a place in which you can find drawings from the taíno indians who lived in the area Prehistoric Era  - but also about the importance this place also had to himself as a kid - this, according to me, being the most badass playground a child can have.

Still wondering why Puerto Ricans are so damn proud of their country? ;)

Qué belleza, verdad? 

isla del encanto

Hoooola mi gente!

If you haven't seen it on Instagram already, here's a surprise for ya. Guess what I did on November 3rd? I moved to Puerto Rico! 

Say whaaat!

Apart from beginning my full time studies in October, moving here and getting adjusted to my new home have been occupying most of my thoughts & time, hence me taking a much needed but short work break.

So how do I like it here one might wonder. Well, I wrote love instead of like three times before I got it right so I think that pretty much explains how I'm feeling about life over here. My definition of home changed in a matter of days. It is not a perfect island, neither are the circumstances or the people, like, it's a total mess, but it's also the kind of mess I happen to adore. There are things I dislike, like not being able to move around as freely as I'm used to, having to deal with a lot of stupidness related to the machista culture & sexism, and fire ants in places where they simply shouldn't be (aka on the bath towel or in the bra). But these things got nothing on all the good stuff. Food for example. 

I've not moved permanently this time due to me wanting to explore what neighbourhoods are a good fit for me but yeah, these past weeks have been great and I'm excited about all the weeks and adventures to come. 

Little did I know when I wrote this article that I would actually be celebrating Christmas in Puerto Rico that same year. Cray! If you'd asked me earlier this year I could not even have imagined me being able to do all of this! Yet, I am here. Feeling better than ever, even. And seriously, how amazing is that?

Also, I can finally say that #lifetales is up and running again and some really exciting things are in the works for you to enjoy very soon!

I'm home:) Puerto Rico, you got me singing in the shower!