a very happy national day

We spent the Swedish National day with family in my favorite Swedish province. If I would live in any other part of Sweden than I live now, it would be here. It hits close to paradise. 

My aunt, aka my second mother, owns a beautiful property together with her husband. They've got sheep, hens, a kitchen sofa, a rocking chair and everything a child could ever dream of. Or maybe it's just me. I'd totally live here. I'd like it a little closer to town but I really wouldn't say no to a home like this. 

I've managed to make myself unfit to climb trees two years in a row now so I can't wait until next summer. Until then I'll just have to settle with watching little folk do it...

I feel like there are people like myself, and then there are people who manage to make their dirty dishes look pretty. And their dirty laundry. What are your secrets in life?

Anyways, it was a very happy national day. No overly fancy & complicated meals or desserts but boy it was tasty nonetheless, and with the very best of company and lots of lots of coffee and cookies.