slow living in the city - 9 tips on living life at a slower pace

We have made a few changes to our routines & life at home and I'm slowly getting to where I want when it comes to the daily rhythm for me and my little family. I'm still longing for a slower pace related to where we live, and I really want to move where I can put garden furniture and plant potatoes, but while I'm still living in the middle of the city, I'm working to get as much slow living out of this city as I can.

The city pulse is sure hard to get rid off when you're right in the middle of it, but here are a few tricks I've find really helpful to apply to wind down...

Make rituals.

I remember growing up, my grandfather always has a ritual with his morning coffee. It was a slow but very devoted process, and together with grandma and their morning prayers, they both created a calm space were there never a feeling of rush in the mornings.

A few ideas on rituals: candlelight bath, taking time using body scrubs & creams when taking a shower, reading before going to bed, putting some effort in making a good cup of coffee in the morning, drinking tea, lighting candles...

Eat with gusto.

In my family, eating has been more of a social activity than something solely for nourishing purposes and I love that. Every time my mom comes over we chat & eat and we can easily end up eating for hours. During that time, we've enjoyed each other's company AND enjoyed our food without rushing it down our throats. Even if you don't have hours to eat, make some time for yourself to actually enjoy your food and company and not only rush it like it's another quick stop in life. Also! Put your phone down while you & your family are eating. Human interaction is good for you.

Create your vibe with music.

Let me invite you to two of my favorite Spotify playlists when it comes to creating a lovely vibe at home - Women of Jazz and Sweater Weather. Sweater Weather has been my go-to for years now, and it's absolutely perfect for spring and autumn. 

Fill your home with wonderful scents. 

Is there anything nicer than a home that smells good? I love having scented candles at home because 1. the candles does their part in creating a feeling of awareness, and 2. the scents from the candles makes the home really pleasant to be in. 

Plant plants.

Because bringing nature inside automatically comes with a slower pace, especially if you're more of a nature person than a concrete jungle person like me. Get yourself some flowers for the kitchen table, some for the windows, and if you're feeling ambitious - buy some seeds and plant your own plants! Here are some plants that help clean the air in your home...

Get rid of electronics that has you lazy/speeds your life up.

I think one of the best things that have happened to our home lately is me having hid the microwave and also slowly getting my husband to use a pot instead of our electric water boiler. Taking time to do things without the rush (and laziness) that comes with having things done super quickly really throws tension + stress out the window. 

Spend time offline. 

Leave your computer and phone in a drawer and spend some time offline. If you need to take photos, bring your dSLR instead of your phone, or even better, bring an analogue camera that'll need your total awareness of what is going on around you. It's hard to rush film. 
If you're used to spending time online and being available 24/7 this might be really stressful in the beginning because it'll make you realize how much stimuli you have gotten yourself used to. It will get better with time:) Soon enough you'll enjoy it, crave it and long for your offline hours.

Don't cram your day.

It's easy being swept away by the city pulse and the belief that we need to keep our schedules full and productivity levels maximized. We can't control the outcome of all days, and some will be busier than others, but some things can simply be done tomorrow or next week. Don't aspire to cram your days, let those days be exceptions rather than habits.

Plan your escapes and find your city paradises.

My mom and her home saves my life. During spring and summer we spend hours in her backyard. The baby is able to sleep outside which he loves and I am able to get me some sun while drinking coffee, doing crosswords and smelling the syringas. My mom's home is definitely my city paradise, and while we both are working our dreams of one day having our countryside homes, we also survive by planning our escapes. For me, it's definitely just getting out of the city to visit some small towns, beautiful natural sites or family on the countryside.

Oh the things you can see when you slow down...