chasing slow: learning from a younger self

I once lived in a little red house in one of the outer neighborhoods of Umeå. It was nice and quiet and also full of life and sound when I wanted it to.

Throughout my pregnancy, discontentment toward living in the middle of the city has been growing steadily.
I long for opening the door and feeling fresh air. I long for walks in beautiful forests that are just a walking distance away. I long for neighbors who have time to pass by for a cup of coffee and I long for the peace I feel when cigarette smoke, concrete walls and non-stop city life stimuli isn't unwelcomingly affecting my quality of life. 

I kind of lost touch with my whole slow-living lifestyle when I moved from my little red house to an apartment in the city centre. I feel like the city can do that to you. 
So in an attempt to not go fully insane, I’ve decided to take the slow living lifestyle to my current city life, despite the fast tempo, cigarette smoke and concrete walls, in waiting for a little red house this time with my love and little squishy! 

I feel like my little red house brought out the best in me. I had a favorite place on the kitchen bench, right by the window, where I always sat & made time to enjoy most of my meals while pondering about all kinds of things, and sometimes just enjoying watching the snow fall on my backyard. That's also where I sat while reading books about a slower, simpler, more sustainable and definitely more efficient lifestyle. People who left a life of stress and overworking, and embraced a life that gave them more time for what they loved, simply by doing more of that and by eliminating the rest.

I was 19 then, and sick with fatigue syndrome. My medicine was chasing slow, and my little red house was the home of that. I read a lot about slow living, and wrote some too. And now when the mission of chasing slow have arrived at the surface again - this time around just as necessary as last time - I've decided to learn from my 19 year old self.

The importance of eliminating unnecessary processes and habits.

To simplify.

To get rid of.

To take time for. 

Finally having a space of my own was one of my most important first steps. Currently building our whole home, is another one (guys! I've made a new Home category for posts related to the making of our city apartment!)
And while I keep on discovering new ways to a slower lifestyle, and reminding myself of things I already knew, I thought I'd share four posts I wrote the year of the little red house - if you, too, would like to learn a little from my younger self!

01. Best slow-down habits that'll make you feel great.

02. A 30-day soul detox. 

03. Slowing down to enjoy the season.

04. A neat little trick to make your eyes relax.