cute little things - craving giraffes

Here's some pregnancy weirdness for ya. Ever craved a specific item, totally food un-related? Apparently that's a thing because it happened to me just recently. I've been wanting a giraffe for weeks and I knew exactly what kind of giraffe I wanted and exactly where to place it at home, it was just that I didn't know where to get it or if it actually existed.

Anywho, last week when my sister and I were doing a little shopping, we walked passed a toy store and I found the exact giraffe I've been wanting for so long! The little fellow behind found it's way to our home too. I can't help but thinking that this little duo pretty much represents the mix of tropical and nordic that I am. Symbolically of course since we don't have polar bears in Sweden and no giraffes in Puerto Rico. But nevertheless, a little duo that happen to make me incredibly proud of what I am.

I always loved playing with animals as a kid. Animals, cars, lego and dolls. Just the perfect combo of all things nice. I can't wait to see what our little one will love playing with!

P.s. I'm writing she since I've found that to feel the most natural to me and it's incredibly hard writing a coherent text with he/she everywhere. However, we actually don't know what we're expecting! That'll be a surprise for later. It'll be interesting to see if my momma senses are right or if I'm just tricked by being used to the thought of only having baby girls.