my 23rd year

I turned 23 the 28th of July but haven't gotten around sharing anything about it until now. The past few weeks have been a real haze of tiredness and exhaustion so blogging has been on the back burner, but for the better:) Here's a fun recap of my birthday!

My 23rd birthday was beautiful and the best I've ever had. Being celebrated began the night to my birthday already, at 12am, when my boyfriend called from work singing me "Happy Birthday" two times and giving me the sweetest little speech.

I love him.

I couldn't get the day off for my birthday so when I came home I took a long nap in a freshly made bed while Sami was preparing the home for a surprise, sparing me a kiss every now and then. 

At dinner time the doorbell rang and there stood my family. They all sang for me and then we devoured my favorite lasagna that my mom had prepared. Sami had made sure strawberries were on the dessert list so we had strawberries and melted chocolate +  a birthday cake with... MORE STRAWBERRIES!! while we played board games and chatted and laughed about all kinds of things.

All my favorite people under one roof. I couldn't help but feel rich and grateful beyond measure. And being as tired as I was that day, only having to sit down and enjoy, being courted from morning to the end of the day and so intensely being shown that much love & care for for (not to mention how beautiful birthday gifts I received!), was more than I could have wished for. I lived on that thankfulness the next few days and felt so at peace with all that goodness I carried with me from that day. 

Thanks mi amor for arranging my day so beautifully, for all that you did for me that day (and all other days!), for my gifts and thanks to my family for being part of making that day my best birthday ever. I love you guys so much.

I really really like being 23. I always feel like the older I get the closer I am to the age I should have been. 23 feels perfect. 23 feels grown up. 23 feels like a good age to have our first babe. 23 feels like a perfect age to become a family of three.
Somehow 22 didn't feel that awesome, but 23 fits me perfectly!