baby's heartbeat & my first maternity pants

There are so many first time experiences for me these days. The other day I got my first pair of maternity leggings which totally made my day and my life. All my pants are too small now and are pressing so uncomfortably on my uterus and stomach so when I tried these maternity leggings, I finally felt a little more human again, and it also made me feel 1000 times more prettier and pregnant. 

Yesterday Sami and I saw the midwife to listen to our baby's heartbeat for the first time. I haven't been worried at all about baby until yesterday morning when fear suddenly hit me with a "hey...what if she won't find a heartbeat at all?". I've been so cool with these kind of worries until that morning. My belly has been growing, I've already felt the movements of the baby but what if, like in a matter of a day, something would have happened? 

Anyways, my worries were totally unnecessary:) My midwife put some gel on my baby bump and then we all waited in silence and excitement as she tried to find the baby with the doppler. After hearing some unidentifiable sounds from my uterus, we could finally hear a fast and strong heartbeat! I could feel a tear appear in the corner of my eye (the complete act of ugly crying will most probably occur at the ultrasound) and I couldn't stop myself from smiling so big my cheeks were hurting. It felt indescribably amazing. My baby was in there! She's real! Alive and growing! A real life human baby growing in my belly!