I love celebrating midsummer, it's my favorite summer celebration next to my birthday!

This year was a little different because we usually celebrate midsummer with my family at the High Coast but this time around we stayed in Umeå. We did anyhow have a really good time, both visiting the probably saddest tivoli I've ever been too (but with some mean slushies!) and celebrating midsummer's eve with some of my favorite people and good food.

Sami and I went to Axel's tivoli and it's probably the smallest and most boring tivoli I've ever been to, to be honest haha. However, I wasn't there for the rides anyways so after checking out the place we went for the donuts. The donuts were a total disappointment but the ice slush (something I usually don't like) was soooo tasty! We took our stuff, walked up the stairs of Väven and sat at the edge of the building watching over the whole tivoli while we shared a donut + slush. <3 

On midsummer's eve we gathered the family for a picnic at Gammlia and I even managed to get a hold of my Kristina who FINALLY is back in Umeå for the summer! Gosh how I love these people. Later mom and I went on a BBQ with her friends and we spent the evening there talking, eating, laughing, eating and having a really nice moment of prayers (food above, insert heart eyed emoji). Two absolutely lovely days in a row!