lashes & facials

This is a sponsored post.

There were five things I had planned to happen before I would give birth to my son: having a baby shower, getting eyelash extensions, getting a facial, having my nails done and my hair did. 
Most of these I had never done before + last time someone else cut my hair was in 2011, so I thought, these things would be the perfect self-motivators before having my baby.

I did almost all of these things before Josef made the great escape and thanks to my friend Angelica ( I checked off getting my lashes done AND having my first facial. 

I met Angelica through my sister about a year ago, when we rented Angelica's apartment. She is super sweet and at the time she shared working space with a couple of other creatives at Haga (Umeå).
Angelica is a certified Health Advisor & Skin Therapist specialised in organic products, and while her base is Umeå, she also travels around Västerbotten to do her work. 

"There are many things with healing abilities in nature , to me it's mountain peaks and glistening marshes of cloudberries. In our day-to-day life, it can be a nice treatment."
- Angelica Byström

I happen to think that it's really nice to when possible, when having our basic needs already met, do things that adds some sparkles to life.
Men often learn since they are little boys to prioritize themselves while as women we often learn the total opposite, where we end up with behavioural patterns that have us trying to fill others up while we ourselves are left empty. Since I am sure this is a cultural thing - something we learn rather than biological - I find it important to see it and try to do something about it. So when I became pregnant, the things above where on my list of things I wanted to do for myself and myself only (as part of my self-care plan).

I came to Angelica at two different occasions; 1. Lashes + 2. Facial

Everything about Angelica's way of treating her customers is awesome and it's all love with her. Everything feels a little extra. My lashes looked absolutely amazing and I felt like a princess even on days I woke up after a 10hr work shift with hardly no sleep at all (you can see the full image with both my eyes here).

The deep cleansing facial treatment did me so much good. Angelica first did a skin analysis one me and taught me a little about my skin type and recommendations on skin care. The products that she used during the treatment were all organic and let me tell you - having your face cared for and all cleaned up is really nice - but on top of that getting a scalp massage and arm/hand massage feels like a promotion. I had come to Angelica that day tired and sore after a heavy day at work and left feeling so relaxed and about 20% more loved.

You can read more about Angelica's services here and see her work (read pretty laaaasheees) here. If you live in Umeå, give her a visit at her new headquarter downtown! She is so good at what she does + she's one of those people you can just visit & talk life with over a cup of tea.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions are my own. 

Ps. Self-care is not all milk baths and cappuccinos