welcome to our new little family, baby josef león

The more than one month long unplanned social media break that has been is now being put to an end with a little (big) baby arrival announcement! 

In September I was hospitalized only 27 weeks pregnant because my labor contractions began way too early. Long story short, for two and a half weeks I was prescribed full bed rest while being monitored at the hospital, given preterm labor medication & also had a minor surgery. After those weeks of what felt like pure torture, my body gave up the fight of keeping him inside the belly and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy, super tiny & incredibly vulnerable little boy. Our Josef León. 

Current days are now consisting in pumping, nursing, changing diapers, cuddling, leaking milk, learning how to take care of a preemie, getting to know each other as parents as well as taking care of ourselves as a couple and, for me, trying my best to navigate through the chaos and undefinable amount of love that comes with having a premature baby, a child of your own and a body that functions a whole lot differently.

Sami and my mother has been my heroes throughout the last (hard) part of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I could write a whole book about how much they both mean to me and how their support & teamwork has made all the difference. Also...it's worth mentioning that my sisters and two of my best friends have been the best. Especially when lighting up my life when I was not doing very well while being hospitalized. Gosh I love them all. Our little león is so lucky to have them in his life.

We seriously couldn't wish for a more perfect little baby. I'm so thankful for our new family of three. It's scary and it's amazing and it's magical and it's miraculous.
And to think that I now have two favorite guys in my life - one by my side, and one in my arms. Wow.

I love them more than all the stars!