oro therapy - hair essentials

My current haircare routine is about as simple as it gets. I wash my hair with a drugstore shampoo and and an organic conditioner and when my hair is dry I straighten my curly hair simply because it makes it possible for me to go daaayyzz without washing it together with a little help from my friend dry shampoo.

During my second trimester I started prioritizing finding ways to make skin and hair routines as simple & low maintenance as possible since energy for those processes started lacking big time. In an attempt to spare as much time + energy as possible and still feel fresh and like I've actually made an effort to take care of myself, I began my search for the best ways to simplify by eliminating unnecessary parts of my routines and instead only add a few super products.

I need something to keep my hair in check throughout the day and not being very font of hairspray, I got really curious when I heard that it's possible to use a good wax instead. So a couple of days ago I decided to see if I could find one, and Attityd Exclusives turned out having something in my liking. 

Oro Therapy Matte Paste is a matte wax (yes, matte!) which can be used for creating volume, holding curls, maintaining a hairstyle and also making stray hairs stay in place. Let me tell you, few words were needed for this one to be purchased!
This handy little thing is now added to my low maintenance hair routine and it feels like such a good product to have. It makes taming the top of my ponytail Kim K style the easiest and also for curly or straight styled hair to stay somewhat modest throughout the day without the hair getting stiff, crunchy and totally immobile as with the effect of most hairsprays. 

So, if you'd like to have one simple (super) product to style your hair with throughout the day, I totally recommend you to get your hands on the Oro Therapy Matte Paste! No regrets!

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