little insights no.1

Lately I've been so focused on Bien Melaza, or more specifically the "We Buildin' Or Nah?" member hangout, that I haven't really made time for writing meaning I'm basically about to explode. So this is me helping myself not to die, also giving you little insights on what's going on behind the scenes...

1. Office vibes. Currently working on Bien Melaza’s education platform & member lounge which will be launched by the end of this month.  Working with the Resource Library (which you will be able to access as a member) have left me reading loads of stuff and not having much time to write anything. I keep on finding myself writing short notes and thoughts everywhere throughout the days. Pretty stoked about writing about some of the stuff I've been thinking about lately.

2. One of my best friends recently turned 26 and I had such a lovely time. It's really amazing how grateful one can be about another person's existence.
And when you leave the party (that's not even yours) feeling so loved and thankful you start crying (all happy tears), you know you hang out with some pretty legit people. 

3. Having dealt with some really scary stuff this summer reminded me of the importance of having friends who have my back and how lucky I am to have that support. This year has included a lot of hurt, but I can with 100% sincerity say that I've never felt as loved and appreciated for being me in my life as now.

4. It's autumn and I am not even close to being ready for it. Today it was like 11 degrees outside and I'm already suffering meaning winter will equal hell, but the cold version of it.

Last year I escaped to Puerto Rico. I am seriously considering doing it again.

5. I've been wondering why people are being weird and post their photos rotated like this. Like, I'm still wondering but I really felt like I wanted to do it since people do it so I did it. Don't try to make sense of it because it'll only leave you with a headache but I guess I'm an irregular trend follower like that, haha.

This was really from one of my favorite moments last week. My mother, sister and family friend were just chilling and enjoying life at Wayne's Coffee. I was reading a book on psychology behind awful & hurtful relationships that my friend lent me (she knew I needed this one and was kind enough to trust me with her baby, or as she calls it; her Bible) which turned out being a real eye opener. Perhaps, a blog post on that one up next...

6. "What if we stopped celebrating being busy as a measurement of importance? What if instead we celebrated how much time we had spent listening, pondering, meditating and enjoying time with the most important people in our lives?" - Greg McKeown 

I'm over here like word up! Hustle hard and nap just as hard. Breaks and time off for the damn win.