Single on Valentine’s – what now? • 15 ways to win in life on Valentine's Day

If you’re anything like my bestest friend, you say Valentine’s is just like any other day and that eeeevery day is a day when you should show yourself + the ones you love some extra lovin! 

If you’re anything like me on the other hand, you totally agree with the above, but also happen to be pretty damn bummed about the fact that this is another Valentine’s Day spent being single thinking "well at least I’m gonna buy MYSELF some wine and sushi and acknowledge my OWN hotness and awesomeness". You know, you’re well aware of your queen status and the problem is not a lack of admirers, it’s just that you can’t seem to find a Jay Z to all that Yoncé and Valentine’s just so happens to be a big pain in the ass reminder of that.

Good news though, my fellow over-dramatizers! This day doesn’t have to be a complete waste of a day. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you can do as a single to make Valentine's day less crappy and here I have prepared a whole list with rad stuff to do to keep that Valentine blues in check!

But. Butt. Before we get to the good stuff, here’s three sincerely bad ideas for this weekend de San Valentín:
…looking for potential date material on dating sites & apps. Desperate creepers will be extra desperate this weekend and we both know you really don’t need more drama in your life, amiright or amiright?
…joining the ”I’m worthless and nobody wants me” club. Because we all know that’s a lie and that you’re total bae material.
…watch the Notebook. If you have any sense of self-preservation, for goodness sake do. not. watch. this. movie.

With that being said, here’s 15 things to do to totally win in life on Valentine’s day, and if you have any more suggestions, feel free to honor us with your wisdom in the comment section!

1.    Dress up! 
You don’t need a date to look fly. Put on your hottest lingerie and dress up real nice and enjoy the view every time you walk past a mirror.

2.    …or why bother putting clothes on at all
I mean, who says staying inside lounging around in your sexy underwear all day is a bad idea?

3.    Binge watch your favorite series
Modern Family, Brooklyn nine-nine, Black-ish, Being MaryJane, Quantico... nuff said. *drops the mic*

4.    Check out feel-good articles on the internet
Like this one, proof that hopeless romantics do it better and that there’s actual hope for your future

5.    Being single doesn't equal boredom
Call your friends and hit the cafés, restaurants, bowling lanes or whatever. No rules, no parents, let off some steam and have fun!

6.    Treat yo' self
Since you’re not spending money on a date, you might as well spend it on yourself (like you need a reason to do that anyways). Give yourself some cred for how amazing you are!

7.    Do something nice for another person
I bet you'll totally make someone's day by offering to help carrying some heavy shopping bags, leaving a note with some kind words to a cute stranger at a café or by simply being an overall extra kind human being.

8.    Work that food-baby belly
Today is not the day to cut back on the carbs my friend. Show your taste buds some love. Eat!!! Mofongo, Chocolate, Tacos, Sushi, Pizza, Smoothies, Arroz con Habichuelas and some Pernil to that. TODO!!!

9.    Spend this day with people worth spending on!
Friends, family, you know, the people you usually hang out with but suddenly forgot about when freaking out about not having a date for Valentine's day. 

10.     Indulge in a spa day
If you can afford it, going for a massage can be juuust the perfect thing. However, you don’t need lots of money to indulge in a spa day. Take a long bath or a nice hot shower, give yourself a massage while you put on that favorite body lotion of yours, paint your nails, do your hair and take a good rest.

11.    Do what you always do
Well why not try doing what you do any other day? Hit the gym, work, make yourself a good dinner or do whatever it is you do during the days. Who knows, your abs might thank you later.

12.    Think about how awesome it is that you’re currently not with the wrong person 
Feeling lonely in a relationship is way worse than being single, and being single on Valentine’s is so much better than dating an idiot. Instead, you’re free and open for the kind of relationship you want when it finds you! How awesome is that?

13.    Make a #POWERJAM playlist
For all the moments you need an extra butt-kick, like, maybe today.

14.    Reflect on all the reasons why you’re awesome
...and write a list of all the things you love about yourself. When you’re done, why not put the list on the wall or as a bookmark in one of the books you’re currently reading!

15.    Pinterest-ify your mind
I adore Pinterest and I probably spend more time pinning stuff than what is socially acceptable. That being said, Pinterest is really a good place to find stuff to boost yourself with inspiration and feel-good emotions. Search for “Empowering quotes” or “#Bossbabe” to add to that badassery of yours, try “Bae goals” to infuse hope for the future or why not “Baby and father” to regain faith in humanity. 
You're totally welcome.

Now my friend, remember that you’re more beautiful than a plate of arroz con pollo and that you’re basically a unicorn! 
I wish you a non-sucky Valentine’s Day, you wonderfully flawed human being!