#PRtravelgems // Arrope, Río Piedras

Hey! What are you up to this weekend? I'm celebrating my best friend's birthday, working my party hosting skills and will also be taking it a bit tranquila resting a lot watching football and some good tv-series (guys, have you seen Quantico? No? There's no excuse, bring out your laptop and watch it! Now!).  

I'm a bit excited because today I'm sharing the second #PRtravelgem in the series. I've spent many hours studying + working here and it's seriously one of my favorite spots EVER. Arrope is the name of the place and it's a cafetería with good coffee, food and postres. The ambience is casual and you'll find all kinds of people hanging out here, mostly students and locals I'd say. You can choose between sitting outside and enjoy the warmth + the ambience of the neighbourhood, inside for some good music and AC and if you're in need of an electrical outlet, they even have a special room where you can study somewhat undisturbed with both outlets and desks with space for all of your books.

And of course, there's free wifi. 

I've never tried their food but I have however got myself some of their postres and I'm telling you this as a friend who cares a whole lot about you... DUDE! You gotta try their pan de maíz, it's amazing. Together with a cup of coffee of course.

And speaking of coffee, their cappuccino is really good, just as their café colao. 

Not only can you get something good to eat and drink here, Arrope also happens to have an awesome staff. I've lost count of how many times they've made my bad days good days, and good days even better, and how much I've appreciated their kindness + all of their awesome. 

You can find Arrope at Calle Consuelo Carbó #51 in Río Piedras, San Juan, just around the corner of Avenida Universidad where you'll also find everything from supermarkets and pharmacies to nightclubs and restaurants. 


Arrope is definitivamente el mejor lugar para un cafecito en Río Piedras - or as you'd say it in english,  definitely the best place to get yourself a coffee in Río Piedras!