exploring the island - islote, puerto rico

So, me and one of my mains decided to go to Arecibo - the geographically largest city on the island. The municipio is about 50 miles (80km) driving distance from San Juan and is one of those places that basically equals heaven on earth (even that being an understatement). 

We were so lucky to have a local friend of ours giving us a tour, showing us some of the most breathtaking places in Islote which is one of the  "barrios" in Arecibo. Although we didn’t have many hours to explore the place this time around, it was enough time for me to fall in love with the place. Perhaps, now, you will fall in love too.   

Before heading to the beach and the caves, our friend so kindly took us to one of the places he works at, which pretty much equalled us sipping fresh coconut water and scooping out deliciousness from newly harvested coconuts. 

En camino a las cuevas... // On our way to the caves...

At, on top of and inside Cueva del Indio. Listening to the amazing stories our friend had to tell us about the archeological site, not only the history regarding los taínos - this being a place in which you can find drawings from the taíno indians who lived in the area Prehistoric Era  - but also about the importance this place also had to himself as a kid - this, according to me, being the most badass playground a child can have.

Still wondering why Puerto Ricans are so damn proud of their country? ;)

Qué belleza, verdad?