diets and chronic pain & illness

Today’s very delayed post is about my new food plan – a diet that has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss and everything to do with feeling better and minimizing acute + chronic pain & other not-so-fun illness related stuff. I’ve made this a two part blog series to make it easier to digest (holla!) and while we’re at it I might as well tell you that you also can look forward to a post about tips for reducing pain naturally and how to feel better when you don’t feel better.

So, before we dig into the good stuff I have something to tell you! We've finally been able to find out one of the underlying issues causing my chronic pain & comorbidities. It’s really a story for another blog post, but I thought I’d mention it quickly so that this post make any sense. It turns out I’ve been having EDS this whole time (aka my whole career as a human). It’s a hereditary genetic disorder caused by defect in collagen and connective tissues synthesis & structure and it affects pretty much all of the body’s structure – joints, skin, organs, you name it.
While the diagnosis itself isn’t anything to celebrate, finally being diagnosed after 15 years of constant pain and sucky comorbidities is! Being able to actually know what I've been facing all these years and knowing what the problem is makes it so much easier to find different ways to cope with it and work out a pain-management plan.

Now to the good stuff…

 Yummy vegan Pumpkin Soup! Bread donated to friend in need.

Yummy vegan Pumpkin Soup! Bread donated to friend in need.

It really didn't hit me until a couple of weeks ago when I was researching food for people with EDS, chronic pain and illnesses that I’ve been eating so. completely. wrong. Not because someone told me, but rather because I began allowing myself to fully focus on how my stomach felt after eating instead of the areas that usually hurt more. 

During this diet change of mine it’s been important to me to find a way to eat in a way that works well with my body + lifestyle + doesn’t require the paycheck of Olivia Pope. I’m no trend follower so it’s been quite a research trying to figure out what to apply – and what not to. I mean, how many diets are there out there really? It’s insane! There's the paleo diet, Crazy Sexy Diet, the Sexy Food Therapy and Chinese nutrition therapy only to mention a few. There’s unhealthy vegan eating and healthy vegan eating, and a couple of weeks ago I met this guy who swears by the GenoType Diet! Good God... aint that just the way. 

However, I have finally settled with a chronic-pain-friendly, clean, alkaline and vegan-ish diet with lots of anti-inflammatory foods y sabor. It's a total fusion and I have based this diet on my own reactions to different foods in combination with various articles and books I've read.

I will be trying this diet out a couple of months now and see what happens. Hopefully, the outcome will be even greater than the improvements my body has made the past couple of weeks thanks to this (okay, except these past two weekends where my diet pretty much flew out the window as soon as I stepped into the houses of my beloved family at the High Coast).


•    Nightshade veggies
•    Dairy products
•    Caffeine
•    Gluten and yeast
•    Meat
•    Refined sugars and simple carbohydrates
•    Highly processed, refined and junk food
•    Non-organic food in general

•    Vegetables & loads of greens
•    Foods rich in Vitamin C
•    Sweet potatoes
•    Fruits
•    Herbs
•    Plants from the garden
•    Raw nuts and seeds
•    Non-animal protein (flax seeds, grains, quinoa, beans etc)
•    Organic teas with detoxifying qualities and loads of antioxidants
•    Raw food
•    Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids
•    As much as organic as possible 

That's my new food plan, very simplified! 
Now I'm really curious. Do you have a special diet / food plan to heal or ease your chronic pain or illness symptoms? Please do share your thoughts + wisdom with me in the comment section! 

PS. I reserve the right to once in a while enjoy something outside my diet without further notice.

PPS. I'm totally telling you this so that you won't have any leverage to blackmail me with when you see a big turkey or cheesecake on my instagram

PPPS. Yeah, and prepare yourself for some rad vegan latino recipes.

PPPPS. I don't do bad food so no yucky dishes allowed ! (Yes, Blueberry Almond Breakfast Quinoa, I'm talking to you!) 

Over and out.