happy weekending

It's finally spring and it feels sooo bueno to finally see more movement, color and sounds on the streets.  Anyone else who feel like life is returning to their body? Yes? No? I love how spring always changes my mood and general well being for the better. 
Yesterday morning was beautiful and I was even able to get me some sunbathing with my breakfast. However, thou shall not mistake this for a summer day. Yes, bikini and shorts was my morning attire, but guess what I wore by the end of the day? I had to wear a thick sweater, a freakin winter jacket, gloves and my warmest & biggest wool scarf to avoid freezing my butt off. Hashtag what the heck. Hashtag Swedish weather you unreliable bastard. 

So, what are your plans for the weekend? I will continue my Scandal-marathon while eating shameless amounts of chocolate, dance it all off on Saturday's salsa fiesta and spend some quality time with family and friends. I hope your weekend will treat you kindly, and here are some fun posts from around the web...

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