isla del encanto

Hoooola mi gente!

If you haven't seen it on Instagram already, here's a surprise for ya. Guess what I did on November 3rd? I moved to Puerto Rico! 

Say whaaat!

Apart from beginning my full time studies in October, moving here and getting adjusted to my new home have been occupying most of my thoughts & time, hence me taking a much needed but short work break.

So how do I like it here one might wonder. Well, I wrote love instead of like three times before I got it right so I think that pretty much explains how I'm feeling about life over here. My definition of home changed in a matter of days. It is not a perfect island, neither are the circumstances or the people, like, it's a total mess, but it's also the kind of mess I happen to adore. There are things I dislike, like not being able to move around as freely as I'm used to, having to deal with a lot of stupidness related to the machista culture & sexism, and fire ants in places where they simply shouldn't be (aka on the bath towel or in the bra). But these things got nothing on all the good stuff. Food for example. 

I've not moved permanently this time due to me wanting to explore what neighbourhoods are a good fit for me but yeah, these past weeks have been great and I'm excited about all the weeks and adventures to come. 

Little did I know when I wrote this article that I would actually be celebrating Christmas in Puerto Rico that same year. Cray! If you'd asked me earlier this year I could not even have imagined me being able to do all of this! Yet, I am here. Feeling better than ever, even. And seriously, how amazing is that?

Also, I can finally say that #lifetales is up and running again and some really exciting things are in the works for you to enjoy very soon!

I'm home:) Puerto Rico, you got me singing in the shower!