keeping up with...

Workspace of the day. I really can't complain. #digitalnomad

It feels like forever since I logged into my Bloglovin account, so I decided to make the time to do it today. To me, it's totally impossible to always keep up with the blogs I love because I have so many; A cup of Jo, Free People blog and Hey Natalie Jean to name a few, but Bloglovin saves me from some headache anyways. Such genius creation.  So, serious reading session happening over here today, people! Also, I can't wait to further explore the blogs of my friends Kaihla, Bethany and Holly, which I have intended to do for some time now.

Do you have any go-to blogs?

PS. I was thinking about maybe showing some more artwork here, like some of my commissions & collaborations, and sneaky peeks of my moleskine notebook and sketchbooks. What do you think?

PPS. See my screensaver? I made it to constantly be reminded of my word of the year