2015 – an unconventional approach

How did you beckon in the new year?

I celebrated from home. In my pajamas. And let me tell you - there was some really good music blowing the speakers and fierce pajama merengue going on there for a while. 

The first month of a new year is the perfect time to stop and assess. For me, December & these first weeks of 2015 have been all about that. Stopping. Thinking. Experimenting. Figuring out. Re-evaluating. Getting rid of. 
I tend to stop and assess more times a year than I can count, but yo, can we just all agree that there’s something magically motivating + inspiring about the beginning of a new year?! I mean - a totally unwritten page! A new chapter! A new book! Holla!

One of the things that makes me cringe is the phrase “New Year’s resolutions”. I just think it has such a negative cling to it. So, I’ve come up with my own, unconventional approaches to prepare myself for the new year. Ah well, to be truthful I haven’t come up with all of them myself, but at least I can take the credit for applying them...haha.

Now, what’s that you say? You wonder what I do if not New Year’s resolutions? Well hey, let me share my unconventional approaches with you!

1.    Miracles of 2014
The days following New Year's Eve I decided to put together a list of miracles in 2014. I love reminiscing good happenings, not only because it makes me recall and acknowledge the grace and blessings given me, but also for being reminded of the fact that miracles come in all forms and shapes. 2014 was one of the toughest so far, but I would lie if I said it was a bad year. And remember this? Regaining my ability to read was one of the miracles on the list. Wow. Just wow.

2.    My 2015 non-goals
This is just genius, I’m telling you. I first learned about this when reading this blog post. I only had to read the title and I was hooked.  
“In a month where we’re encouraged to pick apart bits of ourselves – more of this, less of that – sometimes it’s just refreshing to take a step back and see the landscape for what it is. To swim in the grace we’ve been given; leap in the forgiveness we’re granted. To just keep walking, one foot then another, without searching for a new route that might offer a quicker arrival to a destination we were never intended to seek.”
So yesterday, I made myself a list filled with choices and habits I am really proud of, and want to maintain. It took some time, but it was all worth it. It was incredibly empowering!
I would recommend this to my sisters, mother, my friends, my enemies and my landlords pets. Even your neighbour's grandmother's Puerto Rican friend who happens to live in Canada! We all need this, one does not simply disagree with me on that. 
Spread the word, friends. Spread the word.

3.    Word of 2015
Susannah actually taught me this – to choose a word that will follow me throughout the year as a reminder, guide and perhaps - a supporter. 
Last year my word was Brave, which happened to be the most perfect choice, and this year my word is Create. 

4.    My 2015 goals
I told you I don't do "resolutions", but that doesn't say I don't set my goals. (Remember when I shared some short term goals with you here?)
I would say I am greatly inspired by desire mapping, and when I have my goals set I usually make more concrete step by step plans. I figure out what really matters to me, do my best to make sure the journey alone is worth it ( I mean, our day to day IS life, after all!) and then I try to be as flexible I can. You know, try to ride the wave when life heads toward another direction than I planned. Growing where I am planted, so to speak. 

So now you know all about my unconventional approaches and I happen to be really curious about yours.  What's your approach to this brand spankin new year?