sweater weather + a 30-day soul detox

The season of layered clothing, warm blankets and hot chocolate is now upon us (No, just kidding! The season for hot chocolate is always!). There is a distinct leafy/swirly kind of feeling going on right now and I am pretty sure the days of summer now lies behind.

Although I already miss the warm days that has done my body so good, I am welcoming the feeling of "fresh start" that autumn brings. 

It is said that it takes about 21 days to stop bad habits and/or start good ones. In the spirit of "fresh starts", I thought, why not make it 30 and begin tomorrow at September 1? 

Things I'm working on or would like to accomplish:

  • Minimalist challenge. You know when you're out travelling with only a few personal belongings and you say to yourself "I could actually live my whole life with only these things!"? I have been craving that kind of freedom and minimalism the last two of weeks. Starting tomorrow (1st day) I will get rid of one thing. Tuesday equals  two things. Wednesday three things and so on. I'm starting with one week, but there is a pretty big chance I will keep on doing this the whole month. 
  • No electronic devices after 10:00 PM.  This is going to be really hard, especially when work feels like everywhere and always. Lifehacker Brian Lee has a good point though - Never stay up late for something that wouldn't be worth getting up early for
  • Be kind to myself. In all areas of life.
  • Focus on quality over quantity, and authenticity over pleasing. Focusing too much on what I think other people might want to see and read has left me feeling more "vanilla" in the online world than I actually am. 
    I'm Chocolate Marshmallow if you really wanna know. 
  • Read before sleeping. Since I know this makes me really relaxed and tired I'll make sure to always have a good book on the nightstand. My current read is Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead, and it's thiiiiiiiiiiis good.
  • Write a little every day. Writing is something that I need to make a bigger part of my life, not only because I love words, but also because writing help me make sense of things. "I write to discover what I know".


How about you, do you have any "fresh start" mid-year resolutions?

PS. I'm extending my Summer Bucket List deadline to September 30.
PPS. See the last four photos for the August Break here.