On a hot day like this I think a siesta (and a whole lotta ice cream) is mandatory.
It is no secret that we've been having a heatwave the last couple of days. It makes me more tired than usual and veeeeeeeery slow, but since this kind of warmth is so rare over here and I love this kind of weather, I'm absolutely thrilled and definitely not complaining.
I'm soon making dinner but before that I thought I'd share something that is really awesome for warm days like today (and allnighter hangovers!!).

Before I left home today I put two teaspoons in the fridge. By the time I came home, they were really cold ( tip: if you want them to stay cold for a longer time, put them in the freezer over night). I took them out of the freezer, found a comfortable place to lay down and rest and laid the spoons over my eyes until they were no longer cold.
Best. Siesta. Ever.

This does not only feel like a spa treatment, it is also supposed to firm and tighten the skin (= reduce puffiness). Self-care + beauty routine all-in-one.
High five.