a hotel for royalty - an office for seafarers

Two days ago my mother and I went on a spontaneous downtown trip to explore + enjoy the beautiful weather. I think, a few things beat playing tourist in your own hometown. 

 The Hotel Lobby Bar.

The Hotel Lobby Bar.

Since Umeå is a very small northern town, we walked streets we were more or less familiar with. I usually tend to struggle to find beauty in this town since I always long for old, charming & picturesque streets, but bringing my camera always seem to help me find something worth looking at - something worth capturing.

On our way to the car, we walked past the newly renovated hotel Stora Hotellet. "A hotel for royalty - an office for seafarers." We entered, and to our surprise, we discovered what must be the coolest place in town. The interior. The atmosphere. WOW.
Inside the hotel we found an indoor plaza with a restaurant, a café and a deli. I felt overwhelmed. Could this be true? What I saw was the beauty I see every time I daydream of my favorite destinations. 

From now on this is where you will find me drinking Chai Latte while reading a good book or magazine. I am in love!