tools to overcome a creative block

You know when everything just feels sucky? When life feels blah? When everything you create ends up in the trash and you simply cannot bring yourself to do anything, even though your playlist of motivational music is on and you have your big cup of coffee beside you?

Chances are you’re experiencing a creative block. It happens to all of us and can strike at any moment – whether we are students, graphic designers, writers or inventors. The cause can be anything and everything and whatever the reason and “symptoms” of this dreaded state are, we all have one thing in common: It’s tough, and we all need a little help.

It’s often very hard to remember the things that can help us, and even harder to be rational when we’re in the middle of this state of emotional chaos. As someone who has faced creative blocks many times, here are some tools I’ve found helpful when trying to break the barriers down... read more here.