sweater weather

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and my whole being is feeling it! Autumn is such a bittersweet process. The switch is so beautiful; fresher air, the rain, the autumn colored roads & trees, the rich scents from stews and slow cooks, the sweaters, the books, the tea...

But the melancholia of this season comes with some sadness too; an end of things I love. And I tend to start missing things even before they're gone.  
The increasing lack of daylight is making me tired, the temperature will soon drop below what's comfortable, the porch hangs are getting less and less frequent and before I know it all I can think of is to escape the cold and the dark and travel home to Puerto Rico.

Pretty bittersweet, isn't it?

I woke up with a cold this morning that "finally" broke through. A sore throat, endless coughing and sinuses acting up. This is where I thank God for finally going on vacation and also being able to work a couple of days from home. 

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in the nursery/my little office space so for the first time in months I finally feel like I have found my place. Being a total homebody, it's always been so important to me to have a "space" just for me, wherever I happen to live. Where everything in is positioned with enough thought & care to give me peace of mind, rest and tranquility.
Enamored, I've been sitting here pretty much the whole day working and doing some prepping for my days off, except for when Sami and I left to find us some dinner at the street market. I've also been drinking at least 7 cups of tea, had four different kinds of tasty sandwiches and been playing and updating my Sweater Weather playlist. It's been one of my favorites for more than four years now.

cute little things - craving giraffes

Here's some pregnancy weirdness for ya. Ever craved a specific item, totally food un-related? Apparently that's a thing because it happened to me just recently. I've been wanting a giraffe for weeks and I knew exactly what kind of giraffe I wanted and exactly where to place it at home, it was just that I didn't know where to get it or if it actually existed.

Anywho, last week when my sister and I were doing a little shopping, we walked passed a toy store and I found the exact giraffe I've been wanting for so long! The little fellow behind found it's way to our home too. I can't help but thinking that this little duo pretty much represents the mix of tropical and nordic that I am. Symbolically of course since we don't have polar bears in Sweden and no giraffes in Puerto Rico. But nevertheless, a little duo that happen to make me incredibly proud of what I am.

I always loved playing with animals as a kid. Animals, cars, lego and dolls. Just the perfect combo of all things nice. I can't wait to see what our little one will love playing with!

P.s. I'm writing she since I've found that to feel the most natural to me and it's incredibly hard writing a coherent text with he/she everywhere. However, we actually don't know what we're expecting! That'll be a surprise for later. It'll be interesting to see if my momma senses are right or if I'm just tricked by being used to the thought of only having baby girls. 

my 23rd year

I turned 23 the 28th of July but haven't gotten around sharing anything about it until now. The past few weeks have been a real haze of tiredness and exhaustion so blogging has been on the back burner, but for the better:) Here's a fun recap of my birthday!

My 23rd birthday was beautiful and the best I've ever had. Being celebrated began the night to my birthday already, at 12am, when my boyfriend called from work singing me "Happy Birthday" two times and giving me the sweetest little speech.

I love him.

I couldn't get the day off for my birthday so when I came home I took a long nap in a freshly made bed while Sami was preparing the home for a surprise, sparing me a kiss every now and then. 

At dinner time the doorbell rang and there stood my family. They all sang for me and then we devoured my favorite lasagna that my mom had prepared. Sami had made sure strawberries were on the dessert list so we had strawberries and melted chocolate +  a birthday cake with... MORE STRAWBERRIES!! while we played board games and chatted and laughed about all kinds of things.

All my favorite people under one roof. I couldn't help but feel rich and grateful beyond measure. And being as tired as I was that day, only having to sit down and enjoy, being courted from morning to the end of the day and so intensely being shown that much love & care for for (not to mention how beautiful birthday gifts I received!), was more than I could have wished for. I lived on that thankfulness the next few days and felt so at peace with all that goodness I carried with me from that day. 

Thanks mi amor for arranging my day so beautifully, for all that you did for me that day (and all other days!), for my gifts and thanks to my family for being part of making that day my best birthday ever. I love you guys so much.

I really really like being 23. I always feel like the older I get the closer I am to the age I should have been. 23 feels perfect. 23 feels grown up. 23 feels like a good age to have our first babe. 23 feels like a perfect age to become a family of three.
Somehow 22 didn't feel that awesome, but 23 fits me perfectly!

project spanish is on #raisingmultilingualbebé

Guuuys...two days ago I had a Taco Aguacate Frito, one of the dishes I usually love eating during the summer but it tasted really bad! Like, not horrible but different enough for me not to like it at all. Can a woman just have a meal without hormones changing the taste of it?!

I've talked a lot about learning new languages on the blog, about my own endeavours with a mother tongue that my father never passed on and also about raising multilingual kids. 
My Spanish is somewhat good, and better than it has been, but I still have a long way to go being fluent. Now having a baby on the way, one whom I wish to be taught the language that I love the most, I realized I have to speed up my learning. I've got a little less than 5 months before the baby arrives, and then there'll be a period of time when it doesn't matter that much that I'm still not fluent.  

I wrote about raising a multilingual bebé on the blog in 2015 and I also talked a little about learning your language at the Free Woman the same year. It feels so good to re-read my own post about raising a bilingual kid this time around when it's more tangible since I'm actually having a baby on the way!

I'm already watching a lot of tv-shows in Spanish which is a huge game changer, I've just recently picked up practicing with Duolingo but now I'm also thinking about practicing some more with the Telenovela Method which to me was really helpful when I tried it a couple of years ago. 

So, project Spanish is on. Upping my game now so I will feel way more calm and prepared for raising our little babe with a third language when she decides to arrive <3

fever and thursdays

I feel like my life is incredibly unphotogenic at the moment and even taking iphone photos feels like a huge project. I've been working a lot the past two weeks and then come home, cleaned, made food and then fallen asleep. On repeat. Tiring. 

Yesterday night I came down with fever so today was a stay-at-home-and-try-to-make-it-stahp kind of day. Lots of resting on the schedule because baby made sure momma wouldn't fall asleep until late either because she was literally punching and kicking all the wrong places. Poor nerves.

Ordered myself to at least make a good and healthy breakfast this morning. Bread with eggs and caviar, strawberries and cream, mineral water with the taste of rhubarb and strawberries (my go-to to make my morning sickness a little less aggressive) and chamomile tea with honey for the fever. I feel like that's probably going to be the biggest accomplishment of the day except the cleaning raid that is about to happen, and I feel like that's totally enough accomplishments for today.