welcome to our new little family, baby josef león

The more than one month long unplanned social media break that has been is now being put to an end with a little (big) baby arrival announcement! 

In September I was hospitalized only 27 weeks pregnant because my labor contractions began way too early. Long story short, for two and a half weeks I was prescribed full bed rest while being monitored at the hospital, given preterm labor medication & also had a minor surgery. After those weeks of what felt like pure torture, my body gave up the fight of keeping him inside the belly and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy, super tiny & incredibly vulnerable little boy. Our Josef León. 

Current days are now consisting in pumping, nursing, changing diapers, cuddling, leaking milk, learning how to take care of a preemie, getting to know each other as parents as well as taking care of ourselves as a couple and, for me, trying my best to navigate through the chaos and undefinable amount of love that comes with having a premature baby, a child of your own and a body that functions a whole lot differently.

Sami and my mother has been my heroes throughout the last (hard) part of pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I could write a whole book about how much they both mean to me and how their support & teamwork has made all the difference. Also...it's worth mentioning that my sisters and two of my best friends have been the best. Especially when lighting up my life when I was not doing very well while being hospitalized. Gosh I love them all. Our little león is so lucky to have them in his life.

We seriously couldn't wish for a more perfect little baby. I'm so thankful for our new family of three. It's scary and it's amazing and it's magical and it's miraculous.
And to think that I now have two favorite guys in my life - one by my side, and one in my arms. Wow.

I love them more than all the stars!

oro therapy - hair essentials

My current haircare routine is about as simple as it gets. I wash my hair with a drugstore shampoo and and an organic conditioner and when my hair is dry I straighten my curly hair simply because it makes it possible for me to go daaayyzz without washing it together with a little help from my friend dry shampoo.

During my second trimester I started prioritizing finding ways to make skin and hair routines as simple & low maintenance as possible since energy for those processes started lacking big time. In an attempt to spare as much time + energy as possible and still feel fresh and like I've actually made an effort to take care of myself, I began my search for the best ways to simplify by eliminating unnecessary parts of my routines and instead only add a few super products.

I need something to keep my hair in check throughout the day and not being very font of hairspray, I got really curious when I heard that it's possible to use a good wax instead. So a couple of days ago I decided to see if I could find one, and Attityd Exclusives turned out having something in my liking. 

Oro Therapy Matte Paste is a matte wax (yes, matte!) which can be used for creating volume, holding curls, maintaining a hairstyle and also making stray hairs stay in place. Let me tell you, few words were needed for this one to be purchased!
This handy little thing is now added to my low maintenance hair routine and it feels like such a good product to have. It makes taming the top of my ponytail Kim K style the easiest and also for curly or straight styled hair to stay somewhat modest throughout the day without the hair getting stiff, crunchy and totally immobile as with the effect of most hairsprays. 

So, if you'd like to have one simple (super) product to style your hair with throughout the day, I totally recommend you to get your hands on the Oro Therapy Matte Paste! No regrets!

This post is not sponsored.

chasing slow: learning from a younger self

I once lived in a little red house in one of the outer neighborhoods of Umeå. It was nice and quiet and also full of life and sound when I wanted it to.

Throughout my pregnancy, discontentment toward living in the middle of the city has been growing steadily.
I long for opening the door and feeling fresh air. I long for walks in beautiful forests that are just a walking distance away. I long for neighbors who have time to pass by for a cup of coffee and I long for the peace I feel when cigarette smoke, concrete walls and non-stop city life stimuli isn't unwelcomingly affecting my quality of life. 

I kind of lost touch with my whole slow-living lifestyle when I moved from my little red house to an apartment in the city centre. I feel like the city can do that to you. 
So in an attempt to not go fully insane, I’ve decided to take the slow living lifestyle to my current city life, despite the fast tempo, cigarette smoke and concrete walls, in waiting for a little red house this time with my love and little squishy! 

I feel like my little red house brought out the best in me. I had a favorite place on the kitchen bench, right by the window, where I always sat & made time to enjoy most of my meals while pondering about all kinds of things, and sometimes just enjoying watching the snow fall on my backyard. That's also where I sat while reading books about a slower, simpler, more sustainable and definitely more efficient lifestyle. People who left a life of stress and overworking, and embraced a life that gave them more time for what they loved, simply by doing more of that and by eliminating the rest.

I was 19 then, and sick with fatigue syndrome. My medicine was chasing slow, and my little red house was the home of that. I read a lot about slow living, and wrote some too. And now when the mission of chasing slow have arrived at the surface again - this time around just as necessary as last time - I've decided to learn from my 19 year old self.

The importance of eliminating unnecessary processes and habits.

To simplify.

To get rid of.

To take time for. 

Finally having a space of my own was one of my most important first steps. Currently building our whole home, is another one (guys! I've made a new Home category for posts related to the making of our city apartment!)
And while I keep on discovering new ways to a slower lifestyle, and reminding myself of things I already knew, I thought I'd share four posts I wrote the year of the little red house - if you, too, would like to learn a little from my younger self!

01. Best slow-down habits that'll make you feel great.

02. A 30-day soul detox. 

03. Slowing down to enjoy the season.

04. A neat little trick to make your eyes relax.

sweater weather

My favorite season of the year has finally arrived and my whole being is feeling it! Autumn is such a bittersweet process. The switch is so beautiful; fresher air, the rain, the autumn colored roads & trees, the rich scents from stews and slow cooks, the sweaters, the books, the tea...

But the melancholia of this season comes with some sadness too; an end of things I love. And I tend to start missing things even before they're gone.  
The increasing lack of daylight is making me tired, the temperature will soon drop below what's comfortable, the porch hangs are getting less and less frequent and before I know it all I can think of is to escape the cold and the dark and travel home to Puerto Rico.

Pretty bittersweet, isn't it?

I woke up with a cold this morning that "finally" broke through. A sore throat, endless coughing and sinuses acting up. This is where I thank God for finally going on vacation and also being able to work a couple of days from home. 

Yesterday I rearranged the furniture in the nursery/my little office space so for the first time in months I finally feel like I have found my place. Being a total homebody, it's always been so important to me to have a "space" just for me, wherever I happen to live. Where everything in is positioned with enough thought & care to give me peace of mind, rest and tranquility.
Enamored, I've been sitting here pretty much the whole day working and doing some prepping for my days off, except for when Sami and I left to find us some dinner at the street market. I've also been drinking at least 7 cups of tea, had four different kinds of tasty sandwiches and been playing and updating my Sweater Weather playlist. It's been one of my favorites for more than four years now.

cute little things - craving giraffes

Here's some pregnancy weirdness for ya. Ever craved a specific item, totally food un-related? Apparently that's a thing because it happened to me just recently. I've been wanting a giraffe for weeks and I knew exactly what kind of giraffe I wanted and exactly where to place it at home, it was just that I didn't know where to get it or if it actually existed.

Anywho, last week when my sister and I were doing a little shopping, we walked passed a toy store and I found the exact giraffe I've been wanting for so long! The little fellow behind found it's way to our home too. I can't help but thinking that this little duo pretty much represents the mix of tropical and nordic that I am. Symbolically of course since we don't have polar bears in Sweden and no giraffes in Puerto Rico. But nevertheless, a little duo that happen to make me incredibly proud of what I am.

I always loved playing with animals as a kid. Animals, cars, lego and dolls. Just the perfect combo of all things nice. I can't wait to see what our little one will love playing with!

P.s. I'm writing she since I've found that to feel the most natural to me and it's incredibly hard writing a coherent text with he/she everywhere. However, we actually don't know what we're expecting! That'll be a surprise for later. It'll be interesting to see if my momma senses are right or if I'm just tricked by being used to the thought of only having baby girls.